Water Supply

The  Board  is  entirely dependent on  M.E.S.  for bulk supply to cater the water need of civil population. Per capita   supply of  water  is  43   litres  per  day.   Survey regarding  feasibility of  ground  water exploration  inside  Cantt  has been carried out by the rep of State Council for Science  Technology  and  Environment, Shimla  and  the  detailed  report  has  been submitted.Proposal of borewell has been submitted to IPH Deptt., Shimla  for obtaining  sanction from theground  water  Authority. Both  the  proposals   are  under  process.  Board   is  also  willing  to become  a  stakeholder  alongwith  Garkhal  Panchayat  in  Kalujhanda  water  Scheme. The competent authority has accorded sanction to incur an amount of  Rs.5.79 crore only on accountof Cantt Board share for the said water scheme. The project is pending with H.P.Sate Govt.