Revenue & Tax

Measures Taken To Augment Revenue:


Triennial   Assessment for  the   block   year 2018 to 2021 has  been  revised  which  has shown an  increase of  12% over  the  past assessment.


Various fee   and  charges  have  been  imposed  which  includes  the registration fee, parking   fee,  processing  fee for bldg. etc. and  recovered to the  tune of  93%.

Comparison Of Tax Rates With Neighbouring Municipality Tax Rates:

The Tax rates of Cantonment Board Kasauli are high in comparison of neighboring municipality, Solan

Percentage Recovery Of Property Tax Against Total Demand During The Year:

Recovery of property tax remained 92%  during the year.

CONTACT :Sh Raj Kumar (Tax Inspector), Tel. No. : 273029 (O)