Information Technology

Cration of I.T Section:

The post of computer programmer has been filled up during the year 2011  who is looking   after  the  work of  I.T. section  in  the  office.

Status of Raksha Bhommi Implementation:

The  Raksha  Bhoomi  version  5.0 has been installed. The Land records of  Cantt Board has been computerized.

Document Management system:

DMS, FMS, FTS, indexing, pagination work, labeling of file covers and preparation of files, tag, words etc have been completed.

Steps Taken to Automize Office Process:

All   computers  in  Cantt.  Board  Office  connected  by LAN network. Pay bills and GPF automation  has been done. Software has been developed for generating online bills of property tax.  POS Machine has been installed for online transaction. A software to monitor the status of court cases, next date of hearing, interim judgment etc has been developed.

Digitization Of Office Records:

Scanning and digitization work in respect of Cantonment Board records have been completed.

CONTACT : Sh. Suraj Sharma, Computer Programmer