Hospital And Dispensaries:

Board   maintains  19 bedded  hospital  having  separate  male/female wards and one private room.  Clinical   and  other  facilities  include  pathology laboratory, minor operation theatre, ECG and  ambulance. One doctor and nine  paramedical staff are on regular strength strength  of Cantt General  Hospital. 22385  out  door  and  119 indoor patients were  treated  during  2019-20. 16  Nos  of   free   medical   camps  including   specialized  and  awareness camps were organized. One Dental Doctor (BDS), one  MBBS  doctor  and  one staff nurse engaged through outsource agency. Schemes under NHM have been introduced in Cantt General Hospital through H.P. Medical Department during the year.  Hospital management system has also been introduced in Cantonment General Hospital, during the period.

Special Measures Taken For Senior Citizens:

The Cantonment Board, Kasauli  prepared  280 senior citizens health diaries. The health diaries have been distributed to the senior citizens residing in Cantt area. The free annual health check-up of senior citizens has been carried out by the RMO, Cantt General Hospital during the year. Free medical facilities  as well as free lab tests,  X-ray test, ECG etc. are being provided to the senior citizens in the hospital. MoU with neighboring Medical University signed for providing referral service, free ambulance and bus services to ferry the locals.


a) Kishori Clinic:

Awareness programme and school lectures are organized by the RMO, Kasauli Cantt. Beside this health check-up of school girls are carried out by the lady RMO twice in a year in the hospital.

b)Janani Suraksha Yojna:

The State Govt. has extended Janni Suraksha Yojna to the residents of   Cantonment  area under National Health Mission. The funds have been allotted to Cantonment General Hospital, Kasauli.

c)Hiv Testing Facilities:

HIV/AID  testing facility is being provided in Cantt General Hospital with the help of H.P. State Govt. Medical Department.

d) Mobile Dispensary:

There is no mobile dispensary.

e) Special Medical Camps:

Regular camps are being organized. 16 medical camps viz;  immunization camps, health checkup etc were organized during the year. The Cantt General Hospital is a DOTS centre. The medicine to the patient is provided by the State Govt. of H.P. Yoga Day was also celebrated during the year under report.

Health Care Measures For Cantonment Board Employees And Their Dependents:

Regular check up of Cantonment Board employees and their dependents is carried out.

sl.nodoc name DesignationTimingsContact No.
1 Dr. Shivani Gupta RMO 09:00AM-04:00PM 01792-272036 01792-272670 (R)