Chief Executive Officer

Chief Executive Officer is an officer of Indian Defence Estates Service cadre of Civil Services and works under the administrative control of Director General, Defence Estates, Govt. of India, Ministry of Defence.

Message From CEO

This website has been launched by the Kasauli Cantonment Board with two main objectives. Firstly, to provide transparency in the administration of the Cantonment & Secondly, to honour the Right to Information of the people of Kasauli. Public can register their suggestions, grievances, and offer their recommendations in the site. This is our first step towards e-governance at this Cantonment and I hope this initiative will provide a platform for seamless sharing of information will help enhance the harmonious relationship between Cantonment Board office the public whom we serve.

Duties Of Chief Executive officer

1. To exercise all the powers and perform all the duties conferred or imposed upon her by or under this Act or, any other law for the time being in force;

2. Prescribed the duties of, and exercise supervision and control over the acts and proceedings of, officers and other employees of the Board, other than medical officer in-charge of the Cantonment general hospital or dispensary;

3. Be responsible for the custody of all records of the Board;

4. Arrange for the performance of such duties relative to the proceedings of the Board or of any committee of the Board or of any committee of Arbitration constituted under the Cantonments Act, as those bodies may respectively impose on him;

5. Comply with every requisition of the Board on any matter pertaining to the administration of the cantonment.